"We’re not in the business of providing news and information. We’re not in the business of providing well-researched music. We’re simply in the business of selling our customers products."

- Lowry Mays, Founder & CEO of Clear Channel

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Nathan Hubbard, Ex-Ticketmaster CEO, On Bringing Commerce To Twitter: ‘The Music Industry Should Be Tremendously Excited' (Q&A) | Billboard

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After 12 years, music man Mark Bingham shutters Piety Street Recording studio

Piety Street Studios

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Plant began as a pop singer – one of his first recordings was a cover of the Young Rascals’ “You Better Run.” He then morphed into a metal belter, serving Middle-earth folk on the side. His first solo incarnation was as a lounge lizard in the Honeydrippers. Now, he’s an alt-country crooner. But he isn’t so much a music vulture as a music nerd. He has traveled many miles in service of his geekdom, spending a night a few years ago in the Joshua Tree Inn room in California where Gram Parsons overdosed and driving over to the Bentonia, Mississippi, home of blues singer Jack Owens. He didn’t ring the doorbell, just drove around the block.

Happy 65th birthday Robert Plant! Read our 2011 feature on how the rock legend let go of Led Zeppelin and rebooted his solo career.

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Nine Inch Nails festival tour production rehearsals, July 2013, Los Angeles.

Photos by Rob Sheridan.

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The Basics - So Hard For You (demo)

I have obsessions with Gotye’s solo work, his mastery of strong melody and broad sonic soundscapes make the simplicity of his compositions seem so lush and laborious. But I’m liking this “back to the roots” approach with his band The Basics. To my ears, it lands somewhere between Queens of The Stone Age and Gavin Degraw… with a little Helter Skelter in there as well.

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Ex Guru - The Hunt

Generally as a rule I believe that most bands that follow me out of the blue on social networks aren’t very good but I always give them a chance, hence I was naturally wary approaching French duo Ex Guru.

To my pleasant surprise what I heard was actually pretty great, The Hunt (which is available free on SoundCloud or can be purchased from bandcamp) opens and closes with a mischievous yet playful motif. Somewhere in between the song flourishes into a mystical garden of sound with heavily layered tunes. The Hunt doesn’t stray into the obscure but remains unique in a way that sets it apart from other electronic music and gives me hope for this little French group.


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I tend to fully experience a new group/artist by choking as much out of it as I can. St. Lucia is quickly becoming a victim of my death grip. I must absorb all music, videos, bios, and exercise routines ASAP.

Also, be sure to listen to their new single, Elevate, on Spotify!

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39 years ago today!

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On August 16th, 1974 a newly formed band named The Ramones made their debut at NYC’s legendary CBGB.  Watch Here

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Disc Makers Presents: The Home Studio Handbook

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