CoolerBuzz: Steve Stoute Enlists Jay-Z, Pharrell & Lady Gaga to Promote his 'Tanning of America' Book


Read an excerpt from his interview for the book in Time magazine:

Steve Stoute, the marketing force behind boutique advertising shop Translation, has made a living by pretty much ignoring the barriers Madison Avenue has traditionally drawn around demographics and ethnicity.

Ten years ago, Stoute left the music business — just before it tanked — and jumped into advertising and marketing. He saw an opportunity to navigate the gap that existed between corporate America and the lucrative youth market, an estimated $1.2 trillion sector that companies are eager to tap into but frequently miss the mark reaching. “Brands don’t often speak to young people in a way that is representative of them,” says Stoute. “What I do is contemporize a brand.” But, he says, “I don’t take the brand away from what it stands for. I don’t change who they are in order to appeal to the next generation.”

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Website for the Tanning of America book:

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