After 12 years, music man Mark Bingham shutters Piety Street Recording studio

Piety Street Studios

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Voodoo Music Experience 2013 Lineup - November 1-3 - New Orleans, LA

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It’s been tooooooo long!

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   Fun little Jazz Fest Infographic from Zehnder Communications and Live Music Blog NOLA.

   What delicious NOLA cuisine was everyone Tweeting about? What generation actively posted about their favorite artist on social media? And how about that fickle NOLA weather… don’t they know meteorological history always repeats itself at Jazz Fest? Enjoy!

Click here to see the full Jazz Fest infographic.

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I’m always very excited when Jazz fest rolls around NOLA, but this year, one show takes precedence over that annual excitement… FOALS finally made it to New Orleans and is playing at my venue.

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House of Blues New Orleans releases it’s Jazz Fest 2013 lineup schedule April 25 - May 5, 2013 featuring legends, superjams, and tomorrow’s icons.

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We call it “Endymion”…

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Dr. John and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band will join the Black Keys onstage at the Grammys on Sunday.

This is the biggest reason (and a little Frank Ocean) is the only reason to watch the Grammys Sunday night. Dr. John’s biggest album in years, Locked Down, was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and will go down as one of Mac’s best. Throw Pres Hall Jazz Band in there, and it’s a recipe for the best little gumbo you EVA did taste!

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Dan Aykroyd Talks House of Blues’ 20th Anniversary

The House of Blues is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with 20 months of festivities.

We talked to founder Dan Aykroyd about the event and the history…..

We don’t want to take up too much of your time here

Oh, no problem! I’m always excited to talk about House of Blues.

Before we get to specifics, any thoughts on this 20-year anniversary?…

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Is This Love - Mykia Jovan and Jason Butler

I’ve been finding myself wandering around the Frenchmen Street area a lot more than usual lately. The reason can be easily narrowed to one person in particular, a young woman named Mykia Jovan whose bold voice and charming onstage etiquette manages to lure me into the Blue Nile week after week to be soothed by her emphatic renderings of songs such as Bob Marley’s ‘Is This Love’ and a hauntingly lucid version of ‘Toxic’ by pop star Brittney Spears. With the semblance of Corinne Bailey Rae and a tenor akin to the great Etta James, this young starlet leaves me both entranced and anxious as if every song is completely new to my ears.  I go alone most of the time but whenever I’m able to convince a friend to accompany me they are never let down.  What appeals to me more is how sincere she is in her show of appreciation for my appearance at her performances. I truly feel welcome every time I step into any venue to hear her sing, be it at Vaso’s when she goes on as part of the Three Muses or at Blue Nile where accompanying pianist Jason Butler adds his dynamic melodies to the mixture. 

The discovery of such a treasure hearkens to my attention how much other talent lies in wait to be discovered in my chromatic city, whose denizens are as rich in personality as the brightly colored houses in which they reside. For now, I find contention with lending as much support as I possibly can to my newfound discovery and friend. Although money is just as much an issue for me as anyone else these days I always do my best to provide a tip for her shows, which are free, when I pay her a visit on Sundays. I envision something far greater for this woman, where she will be doing shows for large-scale audiences who value her talents. I know she won’t be doing it for the money though; she would be doing it just because she loves to sing.

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